Our Approach

We believe the best form of advertising is favorable word-of-mouth advertising.  Paramount is our effort to ensure our clients are continuously satisfied with our services.   Prairie & Wetlands management works hard to make sure all team members are 1) treated fairly, 2) reach their full potential, 3) have reasons to be proud of their work, and 4) learn a lot about our business so they can do a good job of meeting the needs of our clients.

Tre Wilson, the founder of Prairie & Wetlands, has a passion for preserving pristine ecosystems and trying to recreate them.  He looks upon virgin prairie and intact, native wetlands as time machines, a way to see how Iowa and other Midwestern states looked 200 years ago.  The primeval prairies and wetlands offered so much beauty on so many levels.  The beauty was expressed through sight, sound, and the glorious interrelationships of the many plants and animals that were present in these ecosystems.

We believe somewhere between 99% and 1o0% of all ecological problems are people problems.   That is why we spend quite a bit of time educating the public in how avoid creating environmental problems, so there won't be a need for us to fix them.   We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  We think our proactive approach to protecting the environment makes us somewhat unique.

We also believe its important for a business to have a moral conscience and be a contributing member of the community.  Therefore we advocate for reducing the production of greenhouse gases to pre-industrial revolution levels.  We believe climate change is real, and it is caused by human activities.


Our Story

Tre Wilson founded Prairie & Wetlands on April 1, 1991.  The birth of Prairie & Wetlands was the culmination of many events in Tre's life… from growing up surrounded by nature on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, to spending many teenage days in canoes and small boats on Wisconsin's lakes and rivers, to earning a Zoology degree from the University of Wisconsin, to having a wide variety of job experiences as a field biologist, to co-founding Prairie Seed Source with his friend Bob Ahrenhoerster, to taking a few years off to attend Iowa State University in order to learn business management and computer skills, to ultimately offering wetland delineation and prairie management services as Prairie & Wetlands.

Tre's passion for prairie caught fire during a college field trip through the Curtis Prairie, which is part of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum.  His love affair with wetlands was sparked by the many hours he spent as a youth in and around water.


Meet the Team

Jane or John Doe

Possible future business partner

Jane or John has a great sense of humor, is dedicated to improving the environment, learns quickly, and has a skill set that complements Tre's.

Tre Wilson


Tre graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology.  Ten years later, after deciding what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, he enrolled at Iowa State University where he took courses in engineering, public speaking, business writing, horticulture, landscape architecture, drawing, marketing, sales, and computers, all with the goal of finding a partner to start an environmental services business with.   The environmental services business envisioned by Tre, took root as Prairie & Wetlands.  At first it was a spring-summer-fall business.  During the winter months Tre worked as a computer consultant.  Then in 2003 Tre figured out how to work year-round as a field biologist.  In 2003-2004 he monitored commercial fishing in the North Pacific Ocean.  But when he nearly died from food poisoning during one of his cruises, he decided to spend the rest of the winter on one of the Hawaiian Islands clearing the native forest of invasive plants.  He recently became a certified prairie strip consultant and now spends most of his waking hours planting and maintaining prairie vegetation

The Crew

Some of the best people one could ever hope to work with

These folks consult with Prairie & Wetlands and are among the dozen other people who contract with P&W on a project by project basis

Next Steps...

We'd like to bring natural beauty your life and provide you with a healthful environment.  Please click on the button to the right for our contact information.