Re-establishing prairie

The staff of Prairie & Wetlands will analyze your site's soils, moisture regime, slopes, and existing vegetation to determine the native plant species most suitable for your site.    We listen to your desires, then develop a seeding plan that meets your needs whether it's to stop erosion, improve water quality, beautify your landscape, provide diverse cover for wildlife, or all of he above.  Seed is acquired from local sources, because local seed will grow into plants that are best adapted to local conditions.   We then prepare the seedbed, plant the seeds, mow the competing weeds during the first year, and in successive years conduct controlled burns as needed.

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Delineating and preserving wetlands

The Clean Water Act (CWA) protects wetlands and was put into law, because wetlands are incredibly effective at removing pollutants from surface water.  The staff of Prairie & Wetlands helps landowners and land developers stay in compliance with the CWA.  If a wetland must be filled in, for example to build a road, then a mitigating wetland must be created in the same watershed to compensate for that loss of wetland benefit.  The staff of Prairie & Wetland will help you acquire the necessary permits and if necessary help you satisfy the need for mitigation.

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Conducting research and scientific studies

If you are involved with pesticide research or ecotoxicology studies you will be glad to know that Staff members of Prairie & Wetlands are available to help you conduct Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) studies for evaluating pesticide residue and the fate of pesticide byproducts in the environment.  The staff can help you write protocols, select study sites, recruit and train personnel, and oversee field crews as they collect samples and record data.

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We Have a Passion for the Environment

The foundation of our business is a desire to make the world a better place.  Our passion for goodness and doing the right thing extends to our clients.  For all 26 years of Prairie & Wetlands existence its people have been guided by the philosophy that the best form of advertising is favorable word-of-mouth.  We also believe the prerequisite to favorable word-of-mouth advertising is continued customer satisfaction.  Therefore we strive for perfection in everything we do.

Although we have worked on projects in 11 different states and the province of Ontario most of our projects have been completed in central Iowa.  Of all the prairie reconstruction projects we've worked on, perhaps the easiest one to observe is the prairie plating along the I-35 right-of-way between Ames and Story City, Iowa.  Take a look some time.  Prairies are in high bloom during the months of July through September.



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